Our friends from the Loggia agency once again invited us to an amazing project. Create an attractive visual identity, through illustrated characters, for the Cultural Contest of Instituto Sicoob.

Under the theme Cooperate to Transform, we created an animated film with a beautiful soundtrack to make the message more engaging and contagious.
The objective is to awaken in children and adolescents the interest in the community, showing in a playful way and fun how easy, rewarding and transformative it is to collaborate with her.
Agency: Loggia
Creative Team: Antonio Fonseca, Lucas Alves, Rafaela Lima
Business Director: Sarah Magalhães
Production assistant: João Lucas
Studio: Studio Casanova
Illustration: Leandro Cunha, Mario Gushiken
Production: Fernando Alan
Motion Graphics: Motionhand
Sound Design: Silence
Thanks for watching! Follow us on Instagram @studiocasanova

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