At the invitation of our partners from A-LAB, we took part in the visual development of the Take the Risk campaign by Faber-Castell, which encourages people to step out of their comfort zone, take on challenges to go further, and embrace their creativity with the Fine Pen and Grifpen pens from the brand.
All doodles and letterings were drawn freehand using Fine Pen and Grifpen. We produced the poster, photographed the pens and retouching the produced photos. All of this to compose a comprehensive Keyvisual for the campaign.
The idea was to demonstrate, through the illustrations, how versatile the pens are and how they can accompany the entire creative process.
To assist the creative teams in the campaign's rollout across various channels, we produced the doodles in the form of stickers, allowing them to be freely applied.
Agency: A-LAB
Creative Team: Henrique Galvão, Arthur Almeida, Aruã Vieira e Felipe Latgé
Production: Teca Vilaça e Ricardo Alievi​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Studio: Studio Casanova
Illustration: Leandro Cunha
Retouch: Fernando Alan
Production Company: Butterflies In The Stomach​​​​​​​
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